Thursday, January 15, 2009

Spending Time With God

The other day I came across an article entitled "Practical Help for Personal Worship". I am not sure who wrote it or where it originated. When it comes to the time we spend alone with God, things like busyness and laziness tempt us to say no and not now. Quite time alone with God is vital to our spiritual growth. Therefore, it must be be a high priority.
Here are some of the practical helps mentioned in the article:

1. Have a Bible, pen and paper with you (within 72 hours we forget 95% of any impressions we receive.)

2. Make it a priority and do it at your best time, not during left-over time.

3. Come expectantly! You have an audience with the King of Kings.

4. Don't let dry days discourage you.

5. Remember the three parts of a quiet time:
a. Talking with God
b. Listening to God
c. Meditating on His Word

6. As you read a verse, ask yourself is there any:
example for me to follow?
command for me to obey?
error for me to avoid?
sin for me to forsake?
promise for me to claim?
new thought about God Himself?

7. As you pray:
Adoration - reflect on His greatness, His majesty, and His sovereignty
Confession - make sure every known sin is acknowledged to God and forsaken
Thanksgiving - express your appreciation to God
Supplication - ask for specific needs of others and yourself

8. Don't substitue religious activity at your church for your own personal daily quiet time.

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